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  • ASA writes to Greek Prime Minister urging him to publicly defend against any efforts to undermine the credibility of the Greek statistics produced by Dr. Andreas Georgiou and his former colleagues so that all charges against these official statisticians are dropped, 3/27/17.
  • The ASA signs onto a letter to Congressman Gosar regarding a provision of H.R. 482, the Local Zoning and Property Rights Protection Act, banning a database, 3/6/17.
  • ASA President writes to Commerce Secretary about U.S. Census Bureau and Bureau of Economic Analysis, 3/6/17.
  • ASA signs onto letter to President Trump asking that the long-term federal hiring strategy reflect the need for a strong FDA and NIH workforce to respond to public health emergencies, to protect the public from ongoing health threats, and to promote healthy communities, 2/27/17.
  • The ASA congratulates Nancy Potok for being named the new Chief Statistician of the United States, 1/10/17.
  • Clyde Tucker’s testimony on behalf of the ASA to the Commission for Evidence-Based Policymaking for its 10/21/16 Public Hearing
  • ASA writes to Greek President to express concern about recent decision to press charges against statistician Andreas Georgiou and echoing the call that that those working within the Greek statistical service must be able to perform their professional duties with integrity, and free of any political interference or pressure, real or implied, 10/14/16.
  • ASA signs onto letter to CEPH “the learning objectives and competencies relating to evidence-based approaches to public health explicitly reference biostatistics as a critical skill and knowledge domain, and not only refer to ‘quantitative methods’”; 9/2/16.
  • ASA signs letter applauding Senate draft of the American Innovation and Competitiveness Act (reauthorizing NSF, among other things), 6/28/16
  • ASA Joins 30 Societies on Letter to Congress with Consensus Scientific View of Climate Change, 6/28/16.
  • ASA signs onto letter in support of Open, Permanent, Electronic, and Necessary (OPEN) Government Data Act (H.R. 5051) establishing comprehensive policy ensuring government data is accessible to the public by default, 5/6/16; 4/5/17.
  • ASA writes NC governor informing him the ASA will no longer sign contracts to conduct meetings in his state as a result of its new law-the "Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act", 4/18/16.
  • ASA signs letter in support of BEA and BLS having same access to business tax data as Census, 3/22/16. (Background at this 2011 Amstat News article.)
  • ASA and RSS send joint letter to Australian Government regarding announced cuts to climate monitoring programs, 3/7/16. (Response from Australian Science Minister Pyne: 5/4/16.)
  • ASA President sends letters to key FAST Act sponsors for provisions boosting Bureau of Transportation Statistics autonomy: Comstock, Thune and Nelson, Inhofe and Boxer, Shuster and DeFazio, Lipinski (all sent 12/23/15). More information available here.
  • ASA signs onto letter to House Science Committee Chairman regarding the committee's inquiry into a scientific paper prepared by NOAA researchers, 11/24/15.
  • ASA signs letter to Congress urging they prohibit the U.S. Department of Education from promulgating or enforcing new teacher preparation programs regulations, 11/20/15.
  • ASA President supports nomination of Dr. Robert Califf to be commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration and urges swift confirmation, 11/18/15.
  • ASA joins letter urging reauthorization of the Census Bureau's Quarterly Financial Report (QFR), 10/9/15.
  • ASA joins with a dozen other organizations applauding the introduction of the House Resolution on environment stewardship, H.Res. 424, 9/25/15
  • ASA signs onto letter in support of Bureau of Transportation Statistics in new trasnportation bill: Lipinski 7/10/15; Thune 7/15/15.
  • ASA President Elect sends Congress letter opposing the proposed termination of the Agency for Health Research and Quality: Senate 6/29/15; House 6/29/15; Senate 10/22/15; House 10/22/15 ; Blumenthal 1/5/16 (in reference to this November 12 Blumenthal Dear Colleague letter).
  • ASA President sends letter to Attorney General Lynch and letter to House and Senate Judiciary Committee leadership regarding the Bureau of Justice Statistics, 6/4/15.
  • ASA President submits comments to OMB on its draft guidance to implement the Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA), 5/29/15.
  • ASA President sends letter to NIH director on importance and benefits of engaging statisticians on Precision Medicine Initiative, 4/29/15; reply from NIH Deputy Director of Science, Outreach, and Policy Kathy Hudson; 10/20/15.
  • ASA signs onto letter to House leadership discouraging provisions that might limit federal government's access to the best available climate science, 4/24/15.
  • ASA signs onto letter to House Science, Space and Technology Committee Leadership expressing concern over NSF provisions, 4/21/15.
  • ASA President sends letter to Congress regarding "Secret Science Reform Act of 2015", 2/25/15, 3/5/15. Background at this ASA Community blog entry.
  • ASA Comments on importance of American Community Survey question on undergraduate field of degree, 12/12/14.
  • ASA joins others in letter to Congress urging "support for the competitive peer review process used by the National Institutes of Health." House 12/2/14; Senate 12/2/14.
  • ASA President Elect sends letter to Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) regarding his action on the book, ""How to Lie with Statistics": 10/20/14. (For context, see this news story, this Congressional hearing clip, and this statement from the VA Secretary.)
  • ASA President Elect sends letters to Congress regarding "Secret Science Reform": House 9/5/14; Senate 9/5/14.
  • ASA signs letter expressing concerns about current and proposed restrictions on the ability of federal and contractor scientists and engineers to participate in scientific and technical conferences: 7/29/14; 9/8/14; 4/21/15, 7/23/15, 8/10/15, 8/10/15.
  • ASA signs letter to Senators to strengthen NCES autonomy and stature, 7/9/14, OMB 9/16/14.
  • ASA provides comments on proposed Statistical Policy Directive: Fundamental Responsibilities of Federal Statistical Agencies and Recognized Statistical Units, 7/9/14.
  • The ASA sends letter to Argentine officials inquiring on status of criminal and civil charges regarding independent publication of economic statistical data; 6/3/14. For background, see the December 2012 Amstat News article, "Politics and Statistics Collide in Argentina."
  • ASA signs onto testimony for Senate hearing on "Innovation Deficit" (the notion that we haven't been investing enough in basic research), 4/29/14.
  • The ASA provides written comments to the newly formed National Commission on Forensic Science, 4/23/14.
  • The ASA joins scores of other organizations in voicing serious concerns with H.R. 4186, a House science committee bill to reauthorize NSF, 3/12/14; 3/31/14.
  • ASA President-Elect sends letter to Senator Rockefeller supporting his efforts on forensic science reform, 3/3/14.
  • ASA joins MRA letter to Missouri legislator whose bill in the Missouri legislature would classify telephone surveys as telemarketing; 2/5/14.
  • ASA signs onto letter in support of Data Compatibility in Senate Finance Committee draft bill, 1/17/14.

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