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BCASA Awards

There are several types of awards given by the chapter or given to chapter members:

Mosteller Statistician of the Year

Every year the Boston Chapter presents the Statistician of the Year award to a distinguished statistician who has made exceptional contributions to the field of statistics and has shown outstanding service to the statistical community. In 1997, this award was renamed the Mosteller Statistician of the Year award in honor of the 80th birthday of its first recipient, Fred Mosteller.

Individuals from academia, industry, and government who have been actively associated with the Boston Chapter are considered for the award. Anyone wishing to make suggestions regarding possible future recipients is encouraged to contact Bob Smith (781-278-0300).

Previous recipients were:

  • Fred Mosteller, 1990
  • Herman Chernoff, 1991
  • Marvin Zelen, 1992
  • Ralph D'Agostino, 1993
  • William DuMouchel, 1994
  • Don Rubin, 1995
  • Nan Laird, 1996
  • David Hoaglin, 1997
  • Richard Goldstein, 1998
  • Arlene Ash, 1999
  • Cyrus Mehta, 2000
  • Alan Gelfand, 2001
  • Alan Zaslavsky, 2002
  • John D. McKenzie, Jr., 2003
  • Louise Ryan, 2004
  • Mei-Ling Lee, 2005
  • Carl Morris, 2006
  • LJ Wei, 2007
  • Richard DeVeaux, 2008
  • David Hosmer, 2009
  • Stephen Lagakos, 2010
  • Xiao-Li Meng, 2011
  • Katherine Halvorsen, 2012
  • Lisa Sullivan, 2013
  • Katherine Monti, 2014
  • Scott Evans, 2015

Council of Chapters

The ASA Council of Chapters presents awards to people who have provided distinguished service to their local chapter. From time to time the Boston Chapter has an opportunity to nominate someone for this award.

The following chapter members have received the Council of Chapters award:

  • John D. McKenzie, Jr., 1989
  • John E. Alman, 1991
  • Anne Sevin, 1996
  • Bob Goldman, 1999
  • Katherine Monti, 2002
  • Tom Lane, 2005
  • Scott Evans, 2008
  • Nicholas Horton, 2011
  • Dominique Haughton, 2014

Mu Sigma Rho

BCASA is an affiliate chapter of Mu Sigma Rho, the national honorary society for statistics. Information about nominating students for this honor, and list of previous inductees, is available here.


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