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Schedule of talks

Talk and poster abstracts

The symposium format will be a mixture of talks and posters.

The proceedings of the symposium will be published in a special issue of the Journal of Quantitative Analysis in Sports (JQAS).

2009 NESSIS Oral and Poster Presentations

Featured presentations:

Using Lineup-Dependent Expected Runs Analysis to Evaluate Baseball Tactics - Tom Tippett, Boston Red Sox

Player and Lineup Analysis in the NBA - Wayne Winston, Kelley School of Business, Indiana University

Skill Importance in Women's Volleyball - Gil Fellingham, Department of Statistics, Brigham Young University

Examining Heterogeneous Expressions of Sports Fan Avidity: a Spatial Multidimensional Scaling Approach - Wayne S. DeSarbo, Smeal College of Business, Pennsylvania State University

Valuations of Soccer Players from Statistical Performance Data - Radu Tunaru, Cass Business School, City University London

Evaluating Risk in NFL Play Calling - Benjamin Alamar, Menlo College

Visualization of Crew Race Performance: Drives and Duels - Jeffrey L. Cornett, Managing Director of Institutional Research, Valencia Community College

Student speakers:

Evaluating New Pitching Metrics using a Point-Mass Mixture Random Effects Model - Blakeley B. McShane, Department of Statistics, Wharton School

Do Hitters and Pitchers Vary in their Sensitivities to Changes in the Quality of the Opposition? - Daniel Porter, Columbia University

Using New Iterative Methods and Fine Grain Data to Rank College Football Teams - Maggie Wigness, Pacific University

Poster presentations:

(Note: main presenter is listed below - full authorship list will appear in the official program)
  • Quantifying the Effect of Performance-Enhancing Drug Use on Fastball Velocity in Major League Baseball - Vittorio Addona, Macalester College
  • Deciding a Cricket Match after Interruptions - Chaithanya Bandi, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Using Random Forests to Predict Baseball Players' Probabilities of Election to the Hall of Fame - Michael Freiman, Department of Statistics, Wharton School
  • The Pythagorean Formula for Overtime - Harvard Sports Analysis Collective, Harvard University
  • Bayesball: A Bayesian Model for Evaluating Fielding in Major League Baseball - Shane Jensen, Department of Statistics, Wharton School
  • A Modification of OPS: Widely Used to Measure a Baseball Batter's Performance - Chulmin Kim, Rochester Institute of Technology
  • ROC Curves to Measure the Quality of the Decisions in Cricket - Ananda Manage, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Sam Houston State University
  • Anomalies in Tournament Design: The Madness of March Madness - Victor Matheson, College of Holy Cross
  • Odds Ratio Models in Sports - Carl Morris, Department of Statistics, Harvard University
  • Tail Modeling, Track and Field Records, and Usain Bolt - Reza D. Noubary, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Bloomsburg University
  • Strength-of-Schedule Adjustment to Performance Measures in American Football - Jason Osborne, North Carolina State University
  • ARIMA Modeling of Giants and Dodgers Baseball Season Streaks - Melvin Prince, Southern Connecticut State University
  • Quantifying Coaching: Evaluating decisions of NBA coaches and their impact on a team's success - Jason Rosenfeld, Harvard University
  • Models for Motorcycle Grand Prix Racing Times - Leanna Streja, Department of Biostatistics, UCLA
  • The Contribution of Special-Teams Play in the NFL - Jerry Tsai, Data Domination
  • Evaluation of a New Application of Linear Modeling in the Prediction of College Football Bowl Outcomes and the Development of Team Ratings - Brady T. West, University of Michigan
  • Hitting Streaks in Seasons Using Non-Constant Batting Averages - Philip Yates, California State Polytech Pomona

Panel discussion:

Data and decisions in basketball: A peek into the minds of NBA statisticians


  • Greg Dickerson (Boston Celtics sideline reporter for CSN New England)
  • Mike Zarren, Boston Celtics
  • Ken Catanella, NBA
  • Aaron Barzilai, Memphis Grizzlies