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Do you know about the ASA's Accredited Professional Statistician™ Program? Announcing New Benefits!

Are you a PStat® or GStat? Start enjoying additional benefits from the ASA now.

  • Joint Statistical Meetings, Conference on Statistical Practice, and Women in Statistics
    and Data Science:
    20% discount for continuing education courses
  • Special Recognition: PStat® and GStat designees enjoy a special ribbon designation at all JSM, CSP, and WSDS meetings, as well as a special reception at JSM

Interested in becoming an Accredited Professional Statistician™?

To date, the ASA has accredited over 200 members. Our program is a portfolio-based credential, and is open only to ASA. The program is completely voluntary and intended for those who believe such a credential would be meaningful in their professional lives.

The PStat® designation recognizes:

  • Advanced statistical training and knowledge
  • Experience in applying statistical expertise competently
  • Maintenance of appropriate professional development
  • Adherence to the ethical standards of practice
  • Ability to communicate effectively

Start the process today!