Accreditation > Fees

Application fee: $120 for PStat (GStat application is free!)

Annual maintenance fee: $85 for PStat, $40 for GStat

(Members pay this on the annual membership renewal date. For example, Jane has a "membership paid through date" of 6/30/11. She is accredited on 2/15/11. She gets 4.5 months of accreditation "free" (i.e., as part of the application), then begins paying $85 per year each June 30 through 6/30/16, when her accreditation expires unless renewed. Life members will pay each year at the time of the annual request for chapter/section/subscription renewals.)

Re-application fee: $40

(Unsuccessful applicants may reapply once within 12 months at this rate.)

Appeal fee: $150

(Fee is fully refundable if appeal is successful.)