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ASA at 175 - The Future of the Statistical Sciences

By Ronald Wasserstein - July 2, 2014

In keeping with the "celebrate our past, energize our future" theme of the 175th anniversary, we are pleased to announce today that

"Statistics and Science: A report of the London workshop on the future of the statistical sciences" is posted on The World of Statistics website. The London workshop was the capstone meeting of the International Year of Statistics 2013.

Below is the blog I wrote for The World of Statistics website summarizing the...

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ASA at 175 - Interest groups

By Ronald Wasserstein - July 1, 2014

ASA at 175 – Interest Groups

We’ve written often in this 175th anniversary blog about the importance of communities within the ASA.  (See March 27, for example.)  Today we’ll focus on one specific type of community, a type many members are unfamiliar with, but one which serves an important purpose for those who are involved.

Interest groups are smaller ASA communities organized around an area of specific importance to portions of our diverse membership.  They are generally smaller than and more loosely organized than ASA sections, but they are every bit as important to their members.

There are four ASA interest groups.  The newest...

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ASA at 175 - Annual Fund Drive

By Ronald Wasserstein - June 3, 2014

In the next few days, the ASA will launch its 2014 annual fund drive, hoping to improve on the record-setting success of last year’s drive.  There are many reasons members choose to support the ASA through contributions to the association, but a common theme is to give back to the profession and the association. There is much the ASA does to promote the practice and profession of statistics, and it can do much more with additional support.

Thus, members are invited during the annual fund drive to make a donation to further expand education, understanding and access to statistics worldwide. Member financial support of...

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ASA at 175 - The International Science and Engineering Fair

By Ronald Wasserstein - May 8, 2014

The International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) will begin this weekend in Los Angeles, and as they have for more than 25 years, ASA members will be there to judge the statistical content of the projects. 

Involvement in ISEF is an outreach project of the ASA Council of Chapters—has been since 1987—thanks to the vision...

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ASA at 175 - More About Careers in Statistics

By Ronald Wasserstein - April 29, 2014

An important part of the future focus of the ASA’s 175th anniversary celebration is on encouraging young people to consider careers in statistics. This is the fourth ASA at 175 blog on the topic (see the third one for links to the other two). The occasion for writing this blog is that I was asked a series of questions by writer who is developing a profile of statistics as a career. Here are the questions, and my responses. At the end of them is an opportunity for you to help me sharpen these responses.

  •          Who hires statisticians and why?

Statisticians work...

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