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Excellence in Statistical Reporting Award

The Excellence in Statistical Reporting Award was established to recognize members of the media for their presentation of the science of statistics and its role in public life. The award can be given for a single statistical presentation or for sustained worthy contributions to the statistical profession.

Regina Nuzzo, 2014 Excellence in Statistical Reporting Award Winner

2014 Excellence in Statistical Reporting Award

To Regina Nuzzo for her paper titled, Statistical Errors, p-value, the gold standard of statistical validity, are not as reliable as many scientists assume, which appeared in Feb 12, 2014 issue of Nature.

The Award

The award consists of a traveling cup that resides with the winner until the next winner is selected. If the winner is unable to take responsibility for the cup, the ASA displays it in the headquarters office.


The Excellence in Statistical Reporting Award is bestowed upon a distinguished individual based on the following criteria:

  • Correctness, clarity, fairness, brevity, and professionalism of communications
  • Importance, relevance, and overall effectiveness in affecting the intended audience
  • Impact on the growth and national or regional exposure of statistics
  • Appreciation for and emphasis of the statistical aspects of a particular issue or event
  • Excellent coverage of research on statistics or statistical issues

Nomination and Award Dates

Nominations are due March 1 each year. The award is presented at the Joint Statistical Meetings in the same year.

Responsibilities of the Award Recipient

The award recipient is responsible for providing a current photograph and general personal information, along with permission to reprint the article in ASA promotional materials the year the award is presented. The American Statistical Association uses this information to publicize the award and prepare the prize.

How to Submit a Nomination

1. Download the nomination form.
2. Complete and return the form, along with a nominating letter and supporting documents to the ASA at or 732 N. Washington Street, Alexandria, VA 22314.