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About This Webcast on Career Planning

This webcast was created as part of the ASA initiative on Career Success Factors for Statisticians. Six eminent statisticians from Academe, Industry, and Government answered a set of questions about issues that typically occur during one's career. After viewing the webcast, you will have:

  • An understanding of the kinds of issues likely to occur as you progress through your career
  • Knowledge of how some eminent statisticians in our profession have dealt with those issues
  • Guidance on how you might navigate through the same or similar issues that may arise during your career

The webcast is comprised of 7 different segments with a total length of about 90 minutes. The questions asked of the six statisticians are arranged in the following topic categories: (1) Finding a challenging & rewarding position, (2) Career advancement, (3) Work & family, (4) Job location, (5) Job satisfaction, (6) Compensation, and (7) Involvement in professional society activities.

Introduction and Finding a Challenging & Rewarding Position (21:35)

Career Advancement (13:46)

Work & Family (10:17)

Job Location (10:29)

Job Satisfaction (10:40)

Compensation (8:30)

Involvement in Professional Society Activities (10:38)