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Is Increased US Health Care Spending Keeping Us Alive Longer?
This is a very complex topic to try to present in a poster.

The graphs are labeled clearly and are easily legible.

It would have been better to use a line graph for age, to keep it consistent with the other graphs.

The title could state a conclusion: We are living longer, but costs are rising.
What is more relevant - total or per capita expenditures?
Are the expenditures adjusted for general inflation?
The Changing Role of Hospitals
Line graphs present the data effectively.

The legend for the upper graph must be wrong.

Expenditures have increased, not decreased.
Enlarge the axes labels.
Question: What would you do differently if you were to present this data?
Infant Moratlity
The chart with the box plots is excellent. Enlarge this chart and delete the others.

The other graphs do not add anything. They may have been useful during analysis, but they add nothing to the conclusions.

Add a box plot for all races and genders.
Make the title into a conclusion.
Question: What title would you use?
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