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April 2, 2011 Judging
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This year’s poster competition judging was held on a blustery Saturday. On this cold but sunny Saturday nine individuals volunteered to judge 241 posters sent in from students across the state in Grades K through 12. These judges were from academia & industry and included many first-timers! These judges were:

  • Tethys Bioscience: Robert Gerwien*
  • University of Connecticut: Jennifer Boyko*, Ofer Harel*, Greg Matthews* & Valerie Pare*
  • Yale University: Jay Emerson
  • Fairfield University: Laura McSweeney
  • Bayer: Joann Shapiro
  • Pfizer: Neal Thomas
  • Bristol-Myers Squibb: Tong Guo, Sterling Hardy & Antara Majumdar*

* First time judge

This year the BMS site was totally prepared for the judging activity. Security was duly notified about visitors. Coffee, muffins, bagels, fruit and plenty of water helped make the orientation to the tasks more palatable. The 12 volunteers were split into pairs of judges (veteran + novice) and began to tackle each grade group of posters.

As in past years, the Grades 4-6 category was the largest with 119 posters. The next largest group was the Kindergarten - Grade 3, with 77 posters. The Grades 7-9 and 10-12 were 18 and 27 posters, respectively for a grand total of 241 posters!

Some of the topics which were selected by the judges were:

  • What drink has the most sugar?
  • What do you want to be when you grow up?
  • Can 1st graders tie their shoes?
  • Underage drinking: our towns versus national
  • Absorbing the liquids

This year the judges were asked to provide some general comments on why they selected the posters they did. The most frequent response was that the presentation asked a very interesting question and had the graphics to support the conclusion.

A suggestion proposed by judge Jay Emerson was to add an award for outstanding school participant! This will be a topic for further discussion when planning the 2012 Competition!

The entire task of judging was completed in less than 3 hours! From all the student participants, 17 posters were picked as winners! These posters will be forwarded to the ASA in Washington DC for the National Competition.

On behalf of the Connecticut Chapter of the ASA, I would like to thank all the participants (judges, teachers-advisors, and students) and look forward to 2012 competition!

Marianne Messina
Chairperson for 2011 Poster Competition

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