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Statistical Poster Competition
April 14, 2012 Judging

While the number of posters to be judged this year was less than the previous years, that did not deter the 12 individuals from tackling this annual activity. As in the previous years, the judges were a diverse and well represented mix of working statisticians from academia (both students and professors) as well as industry.

The 2012 judges were:

  • Tethys Bioscience: Robert Gerwien
  • University of Connecticut: Jennifer Boyko, Chantal Larose*, Valerie Pare, Yue Wang*,
    & Xin Wang*
  • Western Connecticut State University: Josie Hamer
  • Fairfield University: Laura McSweeney
  • Bayer: Joann Shapiro
  • Boeringer Inglehiem: Carrie Li*
  • Bristol-Myers Squibb: Victoria Wirtz

* First time judge

106 posters were sent in from students across the state in Grades K through 12. The topics covered the gamut and include the following:

  • Do cars really stop for stop signs?
  • How quickly did CL&P restore Power?
  • Price of detergent versus stain removal
  • Effect of winter road salts on roadside plants
  • Reading routines of Sixth grade students
  • Are you at risk for diabetes?

The entire task of judging was completed in approximately 2 hours!

For the list of winning posters go to: Winning Posters 2012

April 28th Awards Ceremony

This year’s award ceremony was held at Bristol-Myers Squibb in Wallingford. Proud parents, siblings and other relatives attended to see their ‘student-winners’ accept their winning certificates. Laura Mc Sweeney, professor at Fairfield University, and multiple-year judge, provided the audience with an overview of what the judges look for in a winning poster. Joann Shapiro, from Bayer, interacted with the students to see what they learned from this exercise and what can be done to improve this activity.

To see all winning posters go to: Winning Posters Photots 2012

To see the helpful hints of what makes a good poster from Laura, go to: Poster Guidance

To see first time mentor-winner Barbara J. Ehmer and her students go to: FHES Winners

Late Breaking News

Two of the CT Posters which were sent to the 2012 National Judging came up winners!  They are:

  • 3rd Place in the K-3 category: World Pollution

      Beecher Road School, Woodbridge
      Advisor: Kristina Hart Rooney
      Students: Oren Aviad, Peter Berganross, Iesa Khanji, Kabir Khwaja, Victoria McNelis, Arnav Paliwal, Ava Pfannenbecker, Cole Wissink

  • 1st Place in the 7-9 category: Which storm caused the worst power outages in Connecticut?

      Jockey Hollow Middle School, Monroe
      Advisor: Belinda Battista
      Student: Benjamin Townson

Marianne Messina
Chairperson for 2011 Poster Competition
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