The American Statistical Association
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Statistical Poster Competition
Poster Contest Rules
One separate entry form must be completed and paper clipped to each poster and the writing must be legible.
  • Any application form which cannot be read will result in disqualification.
  • Any poster which does not have an accompanying application form will result in disqualification.

Please read these rules carefully

  • Posters must measure between 18 and 24 inches high and 24 and 30 inches wide.
  • Any layers of paper on posters must be affixed securely.
  • Any weight paper is permitted.
  • Posters must be the original design and creation of the entrants themselves.
  • Computer graphics may be used.
  • Subject matter is the choice of the participant(s) or their classmates.
  • An example of the original data, brief descriptions of method of collection and purpose of the experiment must be taped to the back of the poster. Cite references for published data. Do not show data tables on the front of the poster. Reading off numbers is not the point of the display.
  • Paperclip (do not glue nor staple) the entry form to the front of each poster. Each poster must have one accompanying entry form. Posters without entry forms will not be judged.
  • Be sure the poster itself gives no information that identifies the team or school.
  • Students may work individually or in teams:
  • For those in the K-3 category, there is no restriction on the size of the team; it may be as large as the entire class.
  • For other grade categories, the maximum number of team members is 4 students.
  • For teams with members from different grades, the highest grade determines the entry category.
  • Except for the K-3 category, more than one graph is required.

In submitting a poster, students agree that the poster may be displayed at the ASA's Joint Statistical Meetings, featured in its publications, and posted on the ASA or CT Chapter website.

All entries become the property of the sponsors and cannot be returned.

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