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Future Trends in Statistical Science

Robert L. Mason, ASA President

Statistics is a very familiar science to many college graduates as most of them have taken at least one course in it. Less known are its many areas of application and its influences on every aspect of society. The fields of application continue to expand and include common areas such as the biological, engineering, and physical sciences as well as more recent applications such as in space and environmental sciences. This presentation provides an overview of the current state of the statistics profession including a description of current and future trends within the profession.

Dr. Robert L. Mason

Dr. Mason is a nationally recognized industrial statistician and the current President of the American Statistical Association. He received a B.S. degree in Mathematics from St. Mary’s University in 1968, and a Ph.D. degree in Statistics from Southern Methodist University in 1971. In 1976, he joined the staff at Southwest Research Institute where he currently serves as Institute Analyst, the highest technical rank at SWRI. He also is an Adjunct Professor at the University of Texas at San Antonio. Dr. Mason has had a distinguished career in statistics. He is the co-author of 6 books and has published over 100 papers in refereed journals. In addition, he is a Fellow of the ASA as well as a Fellow of the American Society for Quality. He has been the recipient of several awards including the ASQ W. J. Youden Award and the ASA Founders Award. In 2001, he was named a Distinguished Alumnus of St. Mary’s University.

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