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Welcome to the home page for the Boston Chapter of the American Statistical Association. We serve statisticians from Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

Chapter News

  • We sponsor students for membership in Mu Sigma Rho, the national honorary society for statistics. More information is available here.
  • The BCASA newsletters is available here.
  • ASAs Chapter Chatter is available here
  • Link to the BCASA Officers is here
  • Recent Event Updates: ASA President David Morganstein spoke to the Boston Chapter at Simmons College on November 4th. He led a discussion on the importance of communication for statisticians and reviewed his presidential initiatives: Mentoring, JSM Docents, Stat 101 Toolkit, and, a Blog on All Things Statistical. Boston University ASA Student Chapter President Heather Shappell said of the event It was a pleasure to meet and talk with Dr. Morganstein. He had a lot of great advice for statisticians of this era and insight into the challenges we face as a community. It gave our Student Chapter a lot to think about and we hope to carry the energy and enthusiasm Dr. Morganstein provided back to our members, Boston University, and the greater Boston area as a whole.

Event Calendar

We have events (evening dinner lectures, workshops, and parties) approximately once a month except in the summer. See the calendar below for future and past events.


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