Conference of Texas Statisticians


Brief History of Conference of Texas Statisticians (COTS)

The Conference of Texas Statisticians was established at the annual American Statistical Association meeting in Houston, Texas, in 1980. Tom Bratcher, Bill Schucany and Jim Davenport organized the first Conference of Texas Statisticians meeting which was held in Waco, Texas in February, 1981. The conference has been held annually since 1981. After the successful 1985 meeting in Austin, the Texas Chapters of the American Statistical Association were invited to set up the Council of Texas Statisticians with representatives from each Texas Chapter. Two members-at-large were elected from the areas of Texas not covered by a chapter. The Council is responsible for the annual Conference and for promoting cooperation among the Chapters. The Conference of Texas Statisticians affords Texas statisticians the opportunity for social and intellectual exchange on a yearly basis. These meetings also stimulate increased chapter membership as well as visibility of the statistical profession in the state of Texas.

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COTS Business Meeting Minutes

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Dr. George McC

Council of Texas Statisticians

The members of the Council of Texas Statisticians include: President, Treasurer, and the Presidents of the five Texas ASA Chapter plus a Council Representative from each Chapter. Additionally, two members-at-large are elected each year for one-year term.

  • For names of the current President and Council Representative, see the web sites for the Texas ASA Chapters:

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