“Bayesian Methods in Clinical Research"
Jan 15, 2008
A Presentation by Wei Chen

Bayesian methods in biomedical research have received increased attention. There are many well-written introductions to Bayesian methods in medical and applied statistical journals and books. One cannot teach how to perform a Bayesian analysis in a brief presentation. I intend to take the opportunity of theASA Chapter meeting to have a practical discussion on how the Bayesian approach might improve the design of clinical trials. The known limitations of traditional designs will be described, followed by Bayesian philosophy in a nutshell and real applications of Bayesian designs in various phases of clinical trials.

Dr. Wei Chen is an Assistant Professor in the Biostatistics Core of the Karmanos Cancer Institute. She received her PhD in Biostatistics from the Department of Biostatistics at the University of Michigan in 2007. Dr. Chen's current research interests include adaptive approaches in design of clinical trials, the development of methods for the analysis of high dimensional data, and the development of individualized treatment of cancer.


                                                               Harvey Qu giving Wei Chen a Certificate of Appreciation from the Detroit Chapter