“The Impact of Non-Normality on X-bar and R Control Charts for Weibull"

Nov 13, 2007
A Presentation by Jon Oaks

This talk provided a brief overview of a research project that was conducted at Oakland University to
fulfill a degree requirement. The idea for the project arose while taking a Statistical Process Control
course. When the data are from a Weibull distribution, the impact of skewness on the Type I risk when
using traditional control limit factors is studied, and adjusted factors appropriate for Weibull data are
obtained. The relative efficiency of R versus s as estimators of the standard deviation were also discussed.

Jon Oaks is currently a student and graduate teaching assistant in the Applied Statistics Ph.D. program at
Oakland University. He has a B.S. in Applied Mathematics from Ferris State University (2005) and will
soon receive an M.S. in Applied Statistics from Oakland University. His interests include statistical
computing using the R program.

Jon Oaks

Cecilia Yee giving Jon Oaks a Certificate of Appreciation from the Detroit Chapter

Jon Oaks