“Linear Performance Pricing and Process"

Jan 12, 2008
A Presentation by Christopher Mattingly and Teresa Soave

Chrysler uses Statistical Cost Modeling in a variety of ways. One key usage is to help predict best practice pricing of our components and tooling for future target setting as well as for future cost reduction initiatives. The development process incorporates the knowledge of a cross functional team to ensure the models take key parameters into account.

Christopher Mattingly is Senior Manager, Program Management for Procurement and Supply - Ram Trucks. He is responsible for the coordination between Engineering and P&S operational divisions; Procurement, Supplier Quality and Supply Chain Management. His primary responsibilities include adherence to Chrysler's Product Development System milestones, cost and quality targets, as well as launch support. He has 25 years of automotive experience, mostly at Chrysler. Prior responsibilities included assignments in the following organizations: Procurement Methods and Strategy Organization, Production Control Operations, both Assembly and Stamping Divisions, Production Control Manager - Assembly and Inventory & Cost Control, Assembly Division. He has a Bachelors Degree in Operations Management from the School of Business, Wayne State University, and a Masters degree in Management from the School of Business, Central Michigan University.

Teresa Soave is Manager, Interior Component Cost Analysis at Chrysler. Component Cost Analysis provides cost advice related to purchased components in support of the product development process and cost reduction activities, and is a key support group for Chrysler's Engineering, Purchasing, Vehicle Finance, and Design Office. Teresa has 11 years of automotive experience. Past Positions include Procurement Specialist - Procurement Methods & Strategy, Buyer - Exterior Purchasing, and Capacity Planning Analyst - Production Programming & Scheduling. She has a BSBA degree in Accounting and an MBA, both from the University of Detroit Mercy.



            Ellen Barnes giving Christopher Mattingly and Teresa Soave Certificates of Appreciation from the Detroit Chapter