August 17, 2008
DCASA Annual Picnic


The DCASA Annual picnic/swim was held on Sun, Aug 17, 2008 from 1 to approximately 5 o'clock at Cecilia and Paul Yee’s house in Bloomfield Hills. A total of 20 board and regular members, and family attended. The weather was sunny and hot, and all who went into the pool, had a great time swimming. For those who did not get wet, they had fun too just exercising verbally. We had a delicious potluck picnic, with chopped sirloin and vegetarian burgers, chicken sausage hot dogs (New York style - with pan-fried peppers, onions, and tomatoes), BBQ'ed corn and yam, and various types of delicious, yet healthy, green, broccoli and fruit salads, followed by yummy brownies and apple pie. Fun was had by all.