“An Application of Structural Equation Modeling"

October 9, 2007
A Presentation by Vivienne Yu Chen

Structural equation models are applied to data on the attitudes of contemporary art collectors and museum visitors. The models are used to assess the similarities and differences in the attitudes of the two groups.

Dr. Vivienne Yu Chen (Ph.D. in Marketing, HEC School of Management in Paris) earned her MBA from
IAE, University of Sorbonne in Paris, her DEA in marketing and strategy from the University of Paris
Dauphine. She taught Consumer Behavior at the University of Geneva in Switzerland, and also worked
as a marketing and communication manager at Edition de Saint Guillaume in Paris, and as project
manager at the Chinese Embassy in Johannesburg, South Africa, where she led market studies and
communicated with local government and enterprises. Dr. Chen’s research interests include quantitative
(modelization) and qualitative (ethnography) marketing, consumer behavior, and cultural products. She
applies statistical methods and software such as SPSS, SAS, PLS and AMOS, and is interested in
ethnographical video editing. She conducts research both in English and in French.

Vivienne Yu CHen

Cecilia Yee giving Vivienne Yu Chen a Certificate of Appreciation from the Detroit Chapter