"A Brief Introduction to Analysis of Geopgraphic Data
  with Applications to Automotive Engineering
April 9, 2003
A Presentation by Graham Duthie

Grahm Duthie Mr. Graham Duthie works in the Visteon Quality & Reliability Office where he is the Manager of Geographic Data Analysis and Real World Usage Profiles. If your view of geography is mainly qualitative – “The capital of Canada is Ottawa” or “It is warmer in the South.” - then you will be surprised at what can be discovered using modern software tools – the Geographic Information System (GIS) - and quantitative methods of spatial data analysis. Graham will provide a very brief introduction to what a GIS is and what you can do with one. Additionally Graham will show examples of how he has applied geographical methods and tools to automotive engineering problems at Visteon Corporation.
Last summer Graham presented his work developing an Average Mobile A/C Customer Usage Model at the SAE Alternate Refrigerant Systems Symposium. The presentation can be viewed at the following link: http://www.sae.org/calendar/aars/2002/cust_usage.pdf.

                                                                                                Ellen  Barnes giving Graham Duthie a certificate of appreciation                                                                                                     from the Detroit Chapter
  Grahm with board members graham2    
  Graham Duthie with Detroit Chapter Board members:
  Karry Roberts, Dave Doane, Graham Duthie, Ellen Barnes, Rob Kushler