“Derivation and Evaluation of Risk Equations for Frontal Impacts: Various Theoretical Methods"

April 10, 2007
A Presentation by Tony R. Laturi

Engineers derive and evaluate risk equations to help further enhance vehicle safety systems. These
equations transform measured variables into estimated injury probabilities. Many data sources are used to
derive risk equations (e.g., physical tests, math models, and real-world studies). Each of these sources
provides valuable information; each has limitations. Therefore, the data must be effectively synthesized.
In this talk, examples of this synthesis will be presented.

This ongoing research is a collaborative effort between engineering research, safety data analysis, and
information technology departments.

Tony R. Laituri is a technical specialist in biomechanics and occupant simulation at Ford Motor
Company. He provides theoretical assessments of proposed safety systems and proposed safety
regulations. He has won numerous awards. They include a corporate Customer-Driven Quality Award
(1997), two Henry Ford Technology Awards (1998, 1999), two SAE Oral Presentation Awards (2001,
2006), and the Ralph H. Isbrandt Automotive Safety Engineering Award for outstanding contribution to
the field of automotive safety engineering (2003).