“Some pitfalls of parametric survival analysis"

September 11, 2007
A Presentation by Vasiliy Krivtsov

The presentation focused on two case studies, one from survival analysis and the other involving
statistical process control. The two examples demonstrated some non-obvious pitfalls of parametric
estimation procedures.

Vasiliy Krivtsov is a Staff Technical Specialist in reliability & statistical analysis with Ford Motor
Company. He holds M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Electrical Engineering from Kharkov Polytechnic
Institute, Ukraine, and a Ph.D. in Reliability Engineering from the University of Maryland, USA. Dr.
Krivtsov is the author or co-author of over 40 professional publications, including a book on Reliability
Engineering and Risk Analysis, 9 patented inventions, and 2 Ford trade secret inventions. He is an editor
of the Elsevier's Reliability Engineering and System Safety journal, and is a member of the IEEE
Reliability Society. Prior to joining Ford, Krivtsov held the position of Associate Professor of Electrical
Engineering in Ukraine, and that of a Research Affiliate at the University of Maryland Center for
Reliability Engineering. Further information on Dr. Krivtsov's professional activity is available at

Vasiliy 1


Cecilia Yee giving Vasiliy Krivtsov a Certificate of Appreciation from the Detroit Chapter