Nevada Chapter of the American Statistical Association
2004 K–12 Statistics Poster Competition Winners

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K–3 Category
First Place:
Caroline Boorman, Melissa Duran, Abby Pisano, Alexa Reveles, and Maura Robertson
3rd Grade, Estes McDoniel Elementary School, Henderson
Tongue Twisters
Advisor: Barbara Pitcock
Second Place:
Kairo Flores, Michael Fuentes, Rose Garibay, Julie Masillo, and Max Moss
2nd grade, Paradise Elementary School, Las Vegas
How All the Animals Around My House Move
Advisor: David Stuflick
Third Place:

Duncan Beaumont, Jeremy Gardner, Sean Jenne, Richard Ryerson, Wyatt Schirmer, and Dylan Seligman
3rd grade, R. E. Tobler Elementary School, Las Vegas
What are 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Grades Favorite Creature Out of These Six?
Advisor: Gayle Orvedal
4–6 Category
First Place:
Kristin Wurtz
6th grade, Elton Garrett Middle School, Boulder City
Horse Club Survey
Advisor: Barbara Wozniak
Second Place:
Mallory Reese
5th grade, Berkeley Bunker Elementary School, Las Vegas
T.V. Trivia
Advisors: Cherese Jones and Cathleen Reese
Third Place:
Steven Albers, Miles Mathewson, Charlotte McKernan, and Taylor Wieland
6th grade, Our Lady of the Snows School, Reno
Number of Letters in 6th Grade First Names
Advisor: Ann Boeser
Honorable Mention:
Carly Aughney
5th grade, James Gibson Elementary School, Henderson
What is Your Favorite Part of the Day: Morning, Afternoon, or Evening?
Advisor: Judy Kraus
7–9 Category
First Place:
Michelle Raymond
8th grade, Our Lady of the Snows School, Reno
Do Junior High Students Receive the Required Amount of Sleep Needed?
Advisor: Teresa H. Kennedy
Second Place:
Sadie Mims
7th grade, Thurman White Middle School, Henderson
How Fast is Henderson Growing
Advisor: Karen LoBello
Third Place:
Caitlin Kodweis
7th grade, Irwin and Susan Molasky Middle School, Las Vegas
The Lake up to Date
Advisor: Duke Becker
10–12 Category
First Place:
Natalie Crine and Amy Schulte
12th grade, Foothill HS, Henderson
We Love Eggs from Our Head Down to Our Legs
Advisor: Jennifer Peterson