You are invited to join the Nevada Chapter of the ASA!

We look forward to your participation in the Chapter! For your convenience, you now have the option of paying for membership dues and event fees online using a credit card or checking account. You may also use this page if you are a student renewing your Chapter membership.

  • Membership dues for a full-time student at a Nevada college or university are $10 per year. If you are a member of ASA, your student Chapter membership is just $2! If you do not qualify for a student discount, please go to our regular membership page to join at the standard rate.

  • Also, if you are new to the Chapter or if your contact information has changed, please print and submit a copy of the NVASA Membership Form.

Official PayPal Seal

The Nevada Chapter of the ASA uses PayPal to receive online payments via credit card or electronic check.

The buttons below will take you to PayPal to process your payment. When using PayPal, the URL in your address bar should begin

WARNING: Do NOT submit credit card or other personal information for payment through a web page unless the URL begins with

  1. Student membership in the Nevada Chapter of ASA (for those who are not members of ASA): membership dues $10
    College or university where currently enrolled
  2. Student membership in the Nevada Chapter of the ASA (for members of ASA only): membership dues $2

    Name of college or university
    ASA membership ID

Interested in joining ASA and receiving a reduced cost Chapter membership? Check out the Benefits of Student Membership in the ASA. If you do join ASA as a student member, please select membership in the Nevada Chapter so your Chapter affiliation is part of your ASA records.