2002 Don Owen Award Winner - James A. Calvin

James A. Calvin Receives
2002 Owen Award

The Don Owen Award, cosponsored by the Dekker Foundation, is named for Donald B. Owen, who was Distinguished Professor of Statistics at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, before his death in 1991. The distinguished career of Dr. Calvin exhibits excellence in research, consultation, and service to the statistical community. Professor Owen's long and extremely productive career is the ideal against which nominees are compared. Nominations are solicited from all American Statistical Association chapters each year.

For 2002, the San Antonio Chapter announces their outstanding Don Owen Award winner, Dr. James A. Calvin of Texas A&M University. The award of a plaque and $500 was presented in San Antonio on May 10, 2002, at the Chapter's annual awards banquet at the University of Texas at San Antonio. Following the award presentation, Dr. Calvin presented his work, "Fetal Growth in Bowhead Whales," which was published in 2001 (see JASA, 96, 915-938).

Dr. James A. Calvin received his PhD from Colorado State University in 1985 and is now the Associate Vice President for Research and Professor and Head of the Department of Statistics at Texas A&M University, where he has been since 1991. Dr. Calvin has authored more than 35 articles with statistical content, and he has served on the editorial boards of Communications in Statistics, Journal of the American Statistical Association, and Biometrics. Dr. Calvin has played an active role in supporting the mission of the ASA since 1986.

The San Antonio Chapter is proud to recognize the accomplishments of Dr. James A. Calvin by honoring him with the 2002 Don Owen Award.