San Antonio ASA

Chapter Newsletter

November 2006

Volume 20, No. 1


American Statistical Association


Dinner Meeting Scheduled for Thursday, December 7th

Mark your calendars now for the first chapter meeting of the 2006-2007 chapter year!  Everyone is welcome to meet at Alamo Café for dinner and then travel to the San Antonio Campus of the UT School of Public Health for two after-dinner presentations.

When:  Thursday, December 7

            6:00 pm Dinner at Alamo Cafe

            7:30 pm Presentations at UT School of Public Health

Where: Alamo Café, 10060 IH-10 West and

            UT School of Public Health, San Antonio Branch Campus, 8550 Data Point Drive, Suite 200

Please visit  for the UT School of Public Health, San Antonio Campus map.

Who:    Dr. Stephen Blanchard, Our Lady of the Lake University

            Dr. Benjamin S. Bradshaw, University of Texas School of Public Health

            Dr. David Smith, University of Texas School of Public Health

Topics: The "March" of Infection—A Cohort Study of Influenza and Tuberculosis

                                    Over the Twentieth Century



            Influenza of 1918 and the Rise of Ischemic Heart Disease 


The talk abstracts can be found on the attached flyer that you are welcome to distribute/display at your offices and among interested coworkers.  Remember that San Antonio ASA Chapter meetings are open to both members and non-members.  Please consider attending with an interested colleague or friend. 


Joe Ward Receives ASA Founders Award

Joe Ward was recently honored with the ASA Founders Award, which was established in 1988 to recognize members for extended, outstanding service to the ASA and the statistics profession.  The winners for 2006 were announced at the Tuesday night Presidential Address and Awards Ceremony this past August at the JSM 2006 in Seattle.  Joe’s inscription reads "Joe H. Ward, Health Careers High School, for excellent efforts in K-12 education that are so far-ranging that an elementary school is named in his honor; for fundamental efforts with a Chapter; and for lasting efforts to make statistics understandable to the general population."  Congratulations, Joe!


Health Careers High School Students Win ASA Awards

Christine Clark won Second Place in the High School category in the Caucus for Women in Statistics Poster/Project Competition for girls K-12 with her project titled "Determining the Optimum Combination of Tempo, Amplitude, and Pitch Using Response Surface Models."  Christine was awarded $100 and a certificate of recognition.

Luv Patel won First Place in Grades 7-9 in the ASA American Statistics Project Competition.  His project title was "Differences Among Sales for Three Operating Shifts in a Convenience Store."  Luv was awarded $200, a certificate, a TI-84 Silver Model Calculator, an engraved glass paperweight and a plaque for the school.


UTSA Offers PhD in Applied Statistics

The College of Business’ Department of Management Science and Statistics at UTSA is now offering a PhD in Applied Statistics.  The program concentration is biostatistics and will include collaboration with UTHSCSA.  Please see the attachment for further information.


Call for Nominations for 2007 Don Owen Award

The San Antonio Chapter of the American Statistical Association presents the Don Owen Award to a statistician who embodies the three-fold accomplishments of Professor Donald B. Owen, who before his death in 1991 was Distinguished Professor of Statistics at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. Dr. Owen's illustrious career serves as the ideal against which nominees are evaluated for excellence in research, statistical consultation, and service to the statistical community. Among his accomplishments, Dr. Owen authored seven textbooks, seven monographs, and more than 75 articles in refereed journals; and trained 19 doctoral and master's students. He served as an applied statistician for ten years for the Sandia Corporation, and operated his own private consulting firm, specializing in quality control. Professor Owen was editor of Communications in Statistics for both Series A and B, associate editor of Technometrics and of JASA; and he edited over 50 textbooks, including many for Taylor & Francis.

The sponsor of this award, Taylor & Francis, promotes scientific research, supports educational programs, and rewards outstanding academic achievement in the sciences through its Awards Program. The San Antonio Chapter is currently accepting nominations for the 2007 Don Owen Award from ASA chapters nationwide. The nominee must be a member of the ASA, but is not required to be a member of the nominating chapter. In addition to a cover letter highlighting the accomplishments of the nominee, the nomination packet must contain the following supporting information:

1. Name of the Nominee

2. Degrees (titles, dates, schools)

3. Present position(s), followed by significant former positions (with dates)

4. List of major publications having statistical content

5. List of activities related to teaching and dissemination of statistical knowledge,

6. List of consulting activities related to statistical problems or editorial contributions, and

7. List of activities supporting the mission of the ASA and related professional organizations

To submit a nominee, send six copies of the nomination packet to David W. Smith, Ph.D., 13138 Queens Forest, San Antonio, TX  78230.  You may contact by telephone at 210- 562-5512 or e-mail at  .  Please write "Owen Award" in the subject field. The deadline for nominations is February 15, 2007.


COTS Representative Needed

Our chapter’s recently elected Conference of Texas Statisticians (COTS) Representative has expressed a desire to vacate the position.  The officers must now appoint a replacement.  The COTS Rep is the San Antonio Chapter’s representative to the COTS council, which meets once a year during the conference.  The COTS Rep serves a two-year term (2006-2008) and will attend the 2007 conference at Baylor this spring.  In 2008, it is San Antonio’s turn to host COTS and the COTS Rep should be willing to organize this event in Spring 2008.  If you would like to volunteer for the position, or know someone who would, please email Chapter president Ray Zurcher at


Statistics Job Resource

Visit the San Antonio ASA web site for postings of statistically-related job openings:

If you have information about recent job openings you think could be of value to the San Antonio statistics community please send email to Webmaster Ginny de Wolf at   


Upcoming Conferences in the Area

(COTS) Conference of Texas Statisticians 2007, Baylor University, Waco, TX, Date TBA.


San Antonio ASA Chapter Officers 2006-2007

President:         Raymond J. Zurcher, USAA

                        (210) 913-7426



Vice-President:  David W. Smith, University of Texas School of Public Health

                        San Antonio Branch Campus

                        (210) 562-5512


Secretary:         Norma Ketchum, Brooks City-Base

                        (210) 536-1962


Treasurer:          Carolyn Oakley, Retired

                        (210) 481-3473


COC Rep         

(2005-2007):      Anuradha Roy, University of Texas at San Antonio

                        (210) 458-6343



(2006-2008):      Ken Williams, KCI

(210) 255-6701

Visit the San Antonio ASA website at

Webmaster:      Ginny deWolf,