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Committee on Professional Ethics
American Statistical Association


Authorization: Board of Directors, 1977 - Ad Hoc Committee on Code of Conduct. Name changed in 1982. Made a continuing committee in 1986. Committee charge last reviewed by ASA Board in December, 2002.


The Committee consists of nine members, three of whom are appointed/reappointed by the President Elect each year for three year terms. One member is also appointed by the President Elect to serve as the Chair.


* To provide a point of contact with other societies and associations in the area of professional ethics.

* To develop and implement a program of education sensitizing members of ASA to the ethical issues in statistical practice and in other fields in which statistics is used.

* To maintain and promulgate, subject to Board review and approval, the set of ASA Ethical Guidelines that describes the general view of ethics in statistical practice, and develop and maintain supplements to the Ethical Guidelines for areas of application that give an understanding of ethical statistical practice as it applies to that area (e.g., law or medicine).

* The Committee does not have the authority to act on, rule on, or arbitrate ethical matters.

Execution of a program of professional certification is not included in this charge.


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