Subject: Results from the Venn Diagram request
From: Jackie Miller
Date: Tue, 04 Feb 2003 09:38:23 -0600
To: IsoStats

Hello, all! First, I'd like to thank everyone who responded with helpful hints for drawing Venn diagrams in documents. Compiled here is the list of suggestions I got:
  1. I'd use MS paintbrush, crop the picture and paste into MS Word.  Alternatively you can make a blank plot in Minitab and use the editor and attribute tool palettes (under the Editor Menu).  In both settings, you can make perfect circles/squares by holding the shift button.  In both settings you can also easily add text and comments to pictures. 
  2. I use an old program called Claris Draw -- if you have seen my "Proofs without words" books, all the figures are in Claris Draw, and the book itself is a MSWord document.
  3. I used draw tools, made 3 circles (hold shift key down when using oval tool to get circles), used the No Fill option on each, then selected all of them and made a group.  If I then wanted to put numbers or something inside, I would create a text box (also draw tool), write my text, use No Line option, and put it in the diagram where desired.  You might have to use the Send to back tool (Draw menu/order) so you can see everything.  This is a lot easier if you have the Drawing Toolbar visible (View menu/toolbars).
  4.  I use mayura (mdraw) but it's not very convenient for Word.
  5. This isn't the most professional but what I do is use Word's drawing tools (to create the squares and circles and do the shading). There is a half moon shape under the Autoshapes > Basic Shapes menu that comes in handy. You can then force it to convert all the pieces to one option.  I often even create a
    screen capture and they come out pretty nice in html files as well.

    I think Allan has an example (and maybe a better method) at
  6. make the diagrams in R (or gimp, or some other tool), export as encapsulated postscript, and use the "import graphics" feature in Word. 
  7. Perhaps not the most professional-looking solution -- but I just cut and paste them (Venn diagrams) from Paint. 
Hopefully this helps some other out there. Again, thanks to all for the help!!!