San Francisco, 1993

We had 21 in attendance at the third isostat meeting (3:00 on JSM Sunday).  The topics discussed were
1. The use of graphing calculators in teaching.

2. Student objections to the use of computers in intro stat classes.

3. Certification: Concern was expressed that ASA certification of statisticians would be used, inappropriately, as a measure of statistics programs and that this would cast liberal arts colleges in a bad light.

4. RCOTS: Brief reports were made about Regional Conferences on Teaching Statistics.

5. Creating an email distribution list, which Jeff Witmer agreed to do.

6. How to get credit for doing consulting.  Suggestions included keeping a log of work done and getting a letter of support from a prominent statistician affirming the value of consulting in statistics.

7. How to involve students in consulting projects.

8. Pricing of the Current Index to Statistics and a CD-ROM version of CIS.

Jeff Witmer