Toronto, 1994

The 1994 isostat meeting was held at 6:00 on Sunday, 14 August, at JSM in Toronto.  There were 22 in attendance.  The topics discussed were
1. How one might get a discount on the purchase of (a) a quincunx or (b) Minitab software.

2. The recruitment of students into graduate school programs in statistics.  It was suggested that faculty from research universities could give talks at smaller schools to attract students into statistics.

3. MAA guidelines: There is a need to get statisticians involved in the development of the guidelines.  Don Bentley and George Cobb are working on an article on this for Focus.

4. Calculus reform is leading to a de-emphasis on infinite series.  Should we be concerned?

5. Winter meetings of MAA and ASA: Would a combined meeting be helpful?

Jeff Witmer