From: Jeff Witmer (8/30/96)
To: Isolated Statisticians
Subject: Chicago isostat report
Time:11:33 AM

OFFICE MEMO Date:8/30/96

Dear Isolated Statisticians:

It was good to see so many of you in Chicago.  For those of you who were not present, here is a quick summary of what happened.

We met for about an hour on Sunday evening in a room that proved to be too small. There were 55 of us present, which is a considerably larger number than we have experienced in the past.

For the first half of the meeting we were joined by Ray Waller, ASA Executive Director, who voiced his support for isolated teachers of statistics and asked what ASA can do to help us.  David Moore, ASA President-Elect-Elect, was also present.  David said that he would like to see more statistics sessions at MAA meetings and he encouraged us to keep telling our mathematics colleagues that trained statisticians should teach statistics.  He also reminded us that we can and should be active in supporting each other, for example by having the more senior members of our group write letters for those being reviewed for tenure.

A number of other items were discussed.  We told Ray that many of us are interested in improved cooperation between ASA and MAA, particularly ways in which, for example, an ASA member can join MAA and/or attend MAA meetings without the burden of paying full fare for the privilege.  We also would like inexpensive ASA continuing education courses, perhaps made available on tape.

Many regional groups of isolated statisticians have been formed.  Initial meetings of these groups took place during the 1995-96 academic year.  For example, the Great Lakes Isolated Statisticians met in April and now have a web page:

We had a brief discussion of curriculum requirements at different schools -- for example, counting a Data Analysis course as part of a math major.  Perhaps some of you would like to continue that discussion over our isostat email network (!

Robin Lock recommended that people look into getting an institutional ASA membership, which makes it possible to get a wide selection of ASA journals and provide for student memberships.

After about an hour of statistics discussion we broke into smaller groups and headed off to dinner.

(Thanks to Chris McLaren for helping with these notes!)

Jeff Witmer