Isolated Statisticians Meeting Minutes

7:00 pm, Sunday, August 8; Toronto, ON

  1. Welcome and Introductions

Moderator Ann Cannon welcomed the group and had everyone introduce themselves. There were 46 people in attendance.

  1. The Tenure Review Process in a Math Department

Nick Horton was curious about tenure review experiences and pointers from others at small colleges. He found the MAA guidelines helpful and was looking for more advice. The following suggestions were made:

The group agreed that this kind of conversation is very important and should take place periodically at isostat meetings.

  1. Obtaining Grants by Isolated Statisticians

John McKenzie wondered if there were potential grants for isolated statisticians. If so, he wondered where the grants are and what are they for (e.g., computer labs, research). He received the following responses:

  1. Revisiting Regional Meetings of Isolated Statisticians

John McKenzie and Dex Whittinghill gave a brief history of the regional meetings of the isolated statisticians. The New England region meets every year (perhaps because there are so many colleges and there are shorter distances between the colleges), whereas other regions meet sporadically or not at all. A discussion of the importance of regional meetings and potential funding sources led to the following comments:

  1. Identifying Websites of Interest to Isolated Statisticians

John McKenzie asked for websites that are of interest to isolated statisticians. The following list was generated:

As a parting note, John encouraged people to pass dead links onto the web author and for web authors to list when the page has been last updated.

  1. Isostat Website –

Joy Jordan, the author of the isostat website, asked if the website should be continued and what should be added. It was decided that the site should be continued, and that a resources section should be added (including information about the tenure review process and about external funding), as well as two additions (CAUSE and ARTIST) to the links section.

  1. Different Types of JSM Sessions and the Deadlines Involved.

Dex Whittinghill, 2004 Program Chair, explained the different types of JSM sessions (invited, topic contributed sessions and panels, and regular contributed sessions) and the corresponding deadlines. Karen McGaughy is next year’s program chair.

  1. Announcements 

  1. Picture and Adjournment

Joy Jordan took a picture of the isostat group for the website, and then the meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Joy Jordan