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Workshop on Environmetrics

Event Dates: Thursday  October 04 - Saturday  October 06
City: Raleigh   State: North Carolina   Country: USA
Event Type: Workshops & Seminars ASA Sponsored: Yes
This workshop focuses on state-of-the-art statistical methods motivated by important research problems in modern environmental science. While statistical methodology related to space-time modeling and computation will be an underlying theme, the focus of this workshop will be on methods that solve the most pressing problems for science and policy to- day. Important topics covered include spatial extremes, statistical methods for complex computer models, new methods for high-dimensional spatial data, as well as statistical methods for non-Gaussian spatial processes. These methods are necessary for solving a very wide variety of problems including, but not limited to, climate science, ecology, pollution-related risk, energy and renewable resources, and disease modeling. Two half-day short courses will be offered, introducing researchers to important topics in methods for environmental science. There will also be a poster session, providing an opportunity for participation by graduate students and other young researchers.
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