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Workshop on Statistical Genomics and Data Integration for Personalized Medicine

Event Dates: Sunday  May 12 - Friday  May 17
City: Ascona   State: International   Country: Switzerland
Event Type: Workshops & Seminars ASA Sponsored: No
This workshop is a forum for (i) dissemination of cutting-edge developments and (ii) the identification of open data analysis problems. Targeted areas: clinical trial designs for personalized medicine; statistical and machine learning methods for identifying reproducible biomarkers and genomic signatures; new strategies for analysis and integration of heterogeneous, high-dimensional data types; applications to disease prevention, diagnosis, prognosis and therapy; statistical computing advances for these problems. Confirmed invited speakers include: Keith Baggerly (MD Anderson), Victor DeGruttola (Harvard), Susan Murphy (University of Michigan), Chris Sander (Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center), Rainer Spang (University of Regensburg), Terry Speed (Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Biomedical Research), Simon Tavare (Cancer Research UK), with others still pending. Contributed presentations will also be welcome.
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