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R, Beyond the Basics

Event Dates: Wednesday  June 19 - Friday  June 21
City: Provo   State: Utah   Country: USA
Event Type: Workshops & Seminars ASA Sponsored: No
R, Beyond the Basics The R statistical package is becoming one of the most used tools in statistics and other research related fields. This short course will take the R user that is familiar with the basics of R and help them learn intermediate and advanced topics. The participant should already have worked through the tutorial "An Introduction to R" and be comfortable with the material in it. Topics covered will include (but not be limited to): The power of R scripts, sourcing, and batch processing Finding and understanding help and other sources of information Understanding and using the power of environments Avoiding loops using apply and related functions Importing data from varied sources and formats and exporting data Advance graphics Programming,writing your own functions and packages. Working with datasets to large to fit in memory Parallel processing
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