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SAMSI Social Network Data: Collection and Analysis

Event Dates: Monday  October 21 - Wednesday  October 23
City: RTP   State: North Carolina   Country: USA
Event Type: Workshops & Seminars ASA Sponsored: No
This workshop will directly interface with the Computational Methods in Social Science program year by focusing on pressing issues in the systematic collection, statistical analysis, and mathematical modeling of social science network data. The social world is inherently one of interacting entities. While qualitative and theoretical social science has long had free reign to study complex structures arising from the relations among multiple entities, recent advances in network statistics have begun to allow for the quantitative exploration of these more complex network structures that are central to the structure of the social world. Fundamentally, all networks consist of nodes and edges, or relations between those nodes. Perspectives on networks and the possibilities for statistical research based on such structures are myriad and varied. Additional dimensions of data may be available, including: flows over edges, dynamics over time, and static or fixed covariates on any of the above. Inferential perspectives can then aim to characterize any sub-set of these variables either jointly or conditioning on any others. Data collection, sampling, experimentation, and missing data add further levels of complexity. While the methodological questions associated with networks are broad and disparate, so are the substantive problems they are able to address. Indeed, it is these substantive problems that determine which statistical problems are addressed first. By focusing on data collection efforts (e.g. Add Health, micro-financing in Indian villages) and the relevant methodologies for their analysis, we aim to further engage mathematical, statistical and computational approaches with social science questions.
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