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One-day conference on Geometry and Statistics

Event Dates: Monday  June 23 - Monday  June 23
City: Bath   State: International   Country: United Kingdom
Event Type: Meeting ASA Sponsored: No
The aim of this one-day conference is to attract pure mathematicians and in particular, Geometers, to work together with Statisticians in this area by highlighting interesting and powerful applications of Geometry to Statistics. The conference takes a very broad view of the interplay between Geometry (Differential, Algebraic, Convex, etc) and Statistics which includes: - the model functional space approach called Information Geometry which endows the space of probability densities with appropriate differential geometric structures and from there develops method to analyse data - the data geometry approach which gives geometries to the space of the data and for which prominent examples are the computational geometry based algorithms used in Robust Statistics -the geometric approach to enhance/understand modern Monte Carlo sampling techniques such as Hamiltonian Monte Carlo
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