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Webinar: Public Opinion on the Affordable Care Act and Measuring Early Views and Experiences During Its Implementation

Event Dates: Wednesday  July 23 - Wednesday  July 23
City: Deerfield   State: Illinois   Country: USA
Event Type: Workshops & Seminars ASA Sponsored: No
with Mollyann Brodie, PhD. Note: ASA SRMS members receive the AAPOR member rate for webinars. The Affordable Care Act (ACA), commonly known as Obamacare, was signed into law in March 2010, enacting the most comprehensive changes to the U.S. health care system since Medicare was established in 1965. While individual pieces of the law have been rolled out at various times since the law was passed, the major expansions of insurance coverage began in January 2014. Partisan division in opinion of the law has existed since its enactment and throughout the implementation, making the ACA a heated topic of debate heading into the 2014 midterm elections. Join us for a 90-minute webinar to learn the basics of the Affordable Care Act and explore how public attitudes toward the ACA have evolved since the law's passage, where they stand today, and challenges in capturing and measuring impacts of the law through public opinion surveys. Learning Objectives: Affordable Care Act 101 - What you need to know about the law to understand and interpret public opinion about it. Understanding Views and Opinions of the ACA. Challenges of measuring personal impact of the ACA using opinion surveys.
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