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2010 Statistics Poster Winners

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Grades K-3
Grades 4-6
Grades 7-9
Grades 10-12

2010 Statistics Project Winners

Grades 4–6

First Place

Andrew Blonsky
Changing Exhaust Into Oxygen: Can Algae Survive in a Tailpipe?
Price Creek Independent School
Chapel Hill, NC

Second Place

Nishanth Jayram
Fontastic Voyage: A Study of How Books are Typeset
Sravani Academy
Morgan Hill, CA


Grades 7–9

Second Place

Anish Bhattacharya
The Effect of Blade Angle and Size on Wind Turbine Performance
Unity Point Elementary School
Makanda, IL


Grades 10–12

First Place

Omid Esmaili, Randy Weber-Levine, Cristian Marcel, and Eric Rizzo
Edifying Experimentation
Ward Melville Senior High School
Stony Brook, NY


Second Place

Maggie Law, Erik Christianson, and Chanel O'Brien
Eating Healthy: An Investigation into the Health Conscious Eating Habits of Teens
Phillips Academy
Andover, MA


Third Place (TIE)

Anna Lubitz Megan Earl, Elizabeth Meshel, and Polina Viro
Multitasking: Does it Work? The Effects of Texting on Recall Ability of A.P. Statistics Students
Ward Melville High School East
Setauket, NY

Mira Mehta and Joanne Chiao
Clocking in Facebook Hours
Oakton High School
Oakton, VA


Honorable Mention

Christena Swartz and Anna Christianson
C is for Cookie: Pillsbury vs. Nestle
Walter Payton College Prep
Chicago, IL


Judge's Comments on the 2010 Winning Projects

Judge's Comments on the Grade 10-12 Project Competition


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