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Competition for Best STatistics Education Web (STEW)/Census at School Lesson

Rules and Guidance


Write a STEW lesson plan that incorporates data from the Census at School website. The lesson plan should:

  • Demonstrate statistics concept(s) from the grades 4-12 curriculum using Census at School data
  • Generate excitement about statistics
  • Follow the STEW template, GAISE guidelines (, and Common Core State Standards (


Grand Prize: $500
Silver Medal Prize: $300
Bronze Medal Prize: $200

*The ASA reserves the right to present fewer awards should entries not be of sufficient quality.

Eligibility and Entry Dates

ASA members, K-16 teachers, and students involved in education-undergraduate or graduate-are eligible to enter. Entries are due by July 15, and winners will be announced in October.

To Enter

Submit a Word version of the completed STEW lesson to

All entries will be considered for publication on the STEW website and Census at School resources website.


Entries will be judged on the following:

  • Completeness of STEW lesson plan (including compliance with the STEW format)
  • Originality of the incorporation of Census at School data
  • Incorporation of the GAISE guidelines ( and Common Core State Standards (

Judging will be done by the STEW editor, STEW associate editors, and U.S. Census at School representatives.

Further Guidance

For a description of STEW, the STEW lesson plan template, and example STEW lessons, visit the following:

Additional questions can be directed to Mary Richardson, STEW editor, at or (616) 331-3364.