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A Classroom Example Siegel, Murray STN 28 (1991)
A K-12 Quantitative Literacy Program for Pennsylvania Morgan, Fred (and Shepler, Jack) STN 35 (1994)
A New Project in Quantitative Literacy Burrill, Gail STN 16 (1987)
A Personal Touch Brewer, Rodney STN 26 (1990)
A Quick Introduction to the Statistical Capabilities of the TI-83 Calculator Short, Tom STN 44 (1997)
A Sequence of Activities for Developing Statistical Concepts Franklin, Christine (and Kader, Gary) STN 68 (2006)
A Statistical Analysis of MEGA MILLIONS Smith, Sanderon STN 70 (2006)
A Student-Constructed Probability Problem Smith, Sanderson STN 29 (1992)
About Factorials Dessart, Donald STN 53 (2000)
Active Learning of Probability through Contrasts Larsen, Michael STN 65 (2004)
Activities that Led to the QL Project: A Brief Historical Look Shulte, Albert STN 29 (1992)
Against All Odds Lyons, J STN 20 (1988)
Against All Odds Shulte, Albert STN 21 (1989)
Against All Odds Kinney, John STN 22 (1989)
All Kisses are Not the Same Conway, Joyce STN 58 (2001)
American Statistical Association Center for Statistics Education Mulekar, Madhuri STN 59 (2002)
Americans Lifeline Adams, M.J. Jr, Adams, L., and Adams, John STN 37 (1994)
An Excerpt from Making Sense of Statistical Studies Kranendonk, Henry (and Starnes, Daren; Peck, Roxy; Morita, June) STN 74 (2009)
Another Problem - Purchasing Tee Shirts Franklin, Christine STN 68 (2006)
AP Statistics Course to Become a Reality in 1997 Roberts, Rosemary STN 40 (1995)
Applied Statistics Competition in Britain Hawkins, Anne STN 9 (1985)
Apply Now to Host a QL Workshop on the High School Curriculum Burrill, Gail STN 33 (1993)
Are Education Graduates Ready to Teach Stats? Dobson, Lisa (and Moore, Chris and Keenan, Nicole) STN 75 (2010)
Are you a statistic? Collins, Pam STN 63 (2004)
ASA Advised the NCTM Standards Committe Moore, Thomas STN 52 (1999)
Best College Data Analyzed Petsu, Elaine STN 40 (1995)
Bringing "Life" to Piecewise Defined Functions Siegel, Murray STN 53 (2000)
Center for Statistical Education No Author STN 14 (1987)
Chance Course... Snell, Laurie STN 40 (1995)
CHANCE Workshop Heads for San Francisco in August Snell, J STN 33 (1993)
Coin Tossing and the Normal Distribution Abramson, Lee STN 34 (1993)
Collecting, Depicting, and Understanding Data Walmsley, Angela STN 73 (2008)
COMAP Begins High School Project No Author STN 8 (1985)
Council of Chapters: Slide/Video Show a Big Success Ruberg, Steve STN 19 (1988)
Demystifying Slope with Data Siegel, Murray STN 69 (2006)
Disaster Week - An Interdisciplinary Approach Mastomatteo, Maria STN 32 (1993)
Efficient Storing of Statistical Data in the TI-83 Coons, Albert STN 45 (1997)
Enrichment for Advanced Placement Statistics Students Moreno, Jerry STN 61 (2002)
Estimating the Attendance at a Football Game Brockington, Celeste (and Luedeman, John, and Pruett, Paula) STN 40 (1995)
Everybody Counts! Rowe, Kathryn STN 20 (1988)
Field Trips; Students Meet Statisticians Pierce, Rebecca STN 39 (1995)
Finally! A Reason for Algebra...Statistics! (I'm Serious!) Ulmer, M STN 30 (1992)
Focus on Quantitative Literacy in the Schools Rowe, Kathryn STN 20 (1988)
Food For Thought Concerning Standards No Author STN 17 (1988)
Geometry and Probability for Secondary Students Echenique, Marcial STN 67 (2005)
Glyphs (6-8) Khanna, Debra STN 67 (2005)
Graphing Heights (6-8) Locasale, Barbara STN 67 (2005)
Guidelines for Teaching Statistics No Author STN 18 (1988)
How Beginning Students Were Able to Spot an Error in the Against All Odds Video Bruce, Peter (and Simor, Julian) STN 43 (1996)
ICOTS 3 Scheaffer, Dick STN 25 (1990)
Illinois Institute for Statistics Education Travers, Janny STN 19 (1988)
Illumination through Representation: An Exploration Across the Grades Lesser, Lawrence STN 66 (2005)
In Depth Explorations of Data and Chance:Activities for Middle School Students Lazerick, Beth STN 72 (2008)
Input Sought From Statistical Education Community On Pre K-12 Statistics Guidelines Franklin, Christine STN 66 (2005)
International Statistical Institutes Round Table Conference Hawkins, Anne STN 19 (1988)
International Study Group on Probability and Statistics Concept Green, David STN 9 (1985)
Introducing Descriptive Statistics and Graphical Summaries Warner, Brad STN 54 (2000)
Investigating Apples Bates, Susan STN 59 (2002)
Is Seeing Believing? A Problem to Improve Middle Schools Students Stochastic Vision Caniglia, Sister Joanne STN 39 (1995)
ISI Round Table Conference: "Training Teachers to Teach Statistics" Hawkins, Anne STN 16 (1987)
It Could Have Happened - Sports Headline: Braves Must Lose Final Two Games to Qualify for Playoffs Smith, Sanderson STN 28 (1991)
It Sounds Good, But... Smith, Sanderson STN 26 (1990)
Learning from Industry: Using Quality Control Techniques to Monitor and Motivate Student Progress Kimmel, Michael STN 31 (1992)
Learning from Outliers Katsaounis, Tena STN 58 (2001)
Let Them Roll, Then Show Us Your Data Siegel, Murray STN 64 (2004)
Lets Win a Prize Natarus, Michelle STN 67 (2005)
Linking Mathematics and Science Curricula with Statistical Design of Experiments Peterson, Bob STN 38 (1995)
Looking at Data Frauenholtz, Todd STN 73 (2008)
Making Money with a Twist! Spaulding, Susan STN 69 (2006)
Mama, Don't Take Away My Balls and Urn Barbella, Peter STN 7 (1984)
Mathematics Curriculum, K-12 Scheaffer, Dick STN 3 (1983)
Mathematics Education in American High Schools: Results From the High School and Beyond Study Sweet, David STN 9 (1985)
Meeting within a meeting: ASA program for Math/Science Teachers No Author STN 71 (2007)
MWM Webinars No Author STN 76 (2010)
NASCAR Slope Branstetter, Vicki (and Glaesar, Vivian, Knight, Kenise and Little, Andrea) STN 59 (2002)
NBS Final Report Recommends More Statistics and Probability Landwehr, Jim STN 5 (1983)
New Zealand Statistics Education Workshop Horton, Nicholas STN 74 (2009)
Nontraditional Textbooks Leads to Student Projects Garret, Pam (and Koltas, Greg) STN 35 (1994)
NSF Award Announced No Author STN 6 (1984)
On a Baseball Playoff Ruberg, Stephen STN 32 (1993)
Planning the Statistics Education of Future Teachers Moreno, Jerry STN 61 (2002)
Poster and project competitions need entries No Author STN 71 (2007)
Pretzel Patterns Easton, Tina STN 59 (2002)
Probability and Aces High! (6-8+) Lehmann, Audra STN 67 (2005)
Project Competition Involvement Young, Linda STN 37 (1994)
QL a Hit in Kansas Keefer, Robert STN 34 (1993)
QL Programs, A Review Crocker, Cathy STN 40 (1995)
QLP Participants in the News No Author STN 14 (1987)
Quanitative Literacy -1988 Burrill, Gail STN 19 (1988)
Quanitative Literacy Update Burrill, Gail STN 18 (1988)
Quantitative Literacy in Action Gourgey, Annette STN 37 (1994)
Quantitative Literacy Series Sandberg, Valdimar STN 26 (1990)
Quantitative Literacy: The Series and the Software No Author STN 15 (1987)
Qunatatitive Literacy: The Series and the Software Burrill, Gail STN 24 (1990)
Real Classroom Examples of Hypothesis Testing for Grade K-9 Walmsley, Angela STN 66 (2005)
Relationships between Two Variables: A K-12 Instructional Emphasis Bohan, James STN 52 (1999)
Report on ICMES Landwehr, Jim STN 8 (1985)
Review of Against All Odds Peterson, Kathy STN 20 (1988)
Satellite Pilot Project Set in Kentucky Schools Tabor, Judy STN 21 (1989)
Science Education and Quantitative Literacy Christensen, Art STN 52 (1999)
Second MWM Workshop for K-12 Mathematics and Science Teachers at the 2008 Joint Statistics Meetings Halvorsen, Katherine (and Nichols, Rebecca) STN 74 (2009)
Sessions on Precollege Statistics at the Joint Statistics Meeting No Author STN 15 (1987)
Showing Pennies Webb, Derek STN 70 (2006)
Simulation Techniques Using the HP 48 Fetta, Iris STN 33 (1993)
Skittles - I like the red ones! (3+) Husnu, Lisa STN 67 (2005)
Sneaky Statistic of the Year Contest Macy, Sue STN 11 (1986)
Solution to a Student-Constructed Probability Problem Smith, Sanderson STN 31 (1992)
Some Thoughts on Surveys Landwehr, Jim STN 19 (1988)
Some Websites for Consideration Ylijoki, Laura STN 67 (2005)
Spinning for Confidence Revak, Marie STN 55 (2000)
Stating Probabilities Webb, Derek STN 73 (2008)
Statistical Prize Competitions No Author STN 15 (1987)
Statistics and Information Organization Maggard, R STN 27 (1991)
Statistics and Probability in Connecticut, Florida, and Georgia Newman, Claire STN 5 (1983)
Statistics and Probability in K-12 School Mathematics Receives a Big Push from the NCTM Standards for Curriculum and Evaluation in School Mathematics Kepner, Henry Jr STN 22 (1989)
Statistics and Probability in K-12 School Mathematics Receives a Big Push from the NCTM Standards for Curriculum and Evaluation in School Mathematics PART 2 - The High School Expectations Kepner, Henry Jr STN 23 (1990)
Statistics and Probability in New Hampshire Schools Prevost, Fernand STN 5 (1983)
Statistics Camp at University of Puerto Rico Ghandi, B STN 22 (1989)
Statistics for All—the Flip Side of Quantitative Reasoning Shaughnessy, J. Michael STN 76 (2010)
Statistics in my school Young, Linda STN 28 (1991)
Statistics in Orlando Burrill, Gail STN 20 (1988)
Statistics in Utah Kinney, John STN 23 (1990)
Statistics Institute Burrill, Gail STN 7 (1984)
Statistics Workshop for Mathematics and Science Teachers Goes International Halvorsen, Katherine (and Rebecca Nichols) STN 76 (2010)
Statistics, Science, and Dahlias Moreno, Jerry STN 69 (2006)
Statistics: A Domain of the Mathematical Sciences McNamara, James STN 16 (1987)
Stats Rowe, Kathryn STN 20 (1988)
Suggestions for Designing a High School Statistics Course McNamara, James STN 18 (1988)
Summer Institutes in Statistics for High School Teachers Burrill, Gail STN 9 (1985)
Sunday Morning Moth Selection - An Exploratory Data Analysis Activity Kimmel, Michael STN 34 (1993)
Tag and Recapture with Live Prey Luederman, John STN 41 (1996)
Teachers Take Probability Activity One Step Further Tahl, Marilyn STN 40 (1995)
Teaching Data Analysis to Primary Teachers Garfield, Joan STN 45 (1997)
Texas Forum on Quantitative Literacy McNamara, James STN 19 (1988)
The American Statistical Prize Competition Cameron, Dwayne STN 14 (1987)
The American Statistics Poster Competition Quinn, Linda STN 62 (2003)
The American Statistics Project Competition Young, Linda STN 60 (2002)
The ASA-NCTM Joint Committee on the Curriculum in Statistics and Probability Scheaffer, Dick STN 1 (1982)
The Case for Quantitative Literacy Steen, L STN 58 (2001)
The First International Conference on Teaching Statistics Swift, Jim STN 2 (1982)
The Game of PIG (5+) Lazerick, Beth STN 67 (2005)
The Implications of Calculators and Computers on Teaching Statistics Rade, Lennart STN 8 (1985)
The Nightingale Network Swift, Jim STN 8 (1985)
The Role of Statistics and Probability in the NCTM Standards Burrill, Gail STN 17 (1988)
The Second Annual American Statistics Prize Competition No Author STN 18 (1988)
The Second International Conference on Teaching Statistics No Author STN 12 (1986)
The Second International Conference on Teaching Statistics No Author STN 13 (1986)
The Second International Conference on Teaching Statistics, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada Swift, Jim STN 11 (1986)
The TI-83 Makes the CLT Come to Life! Siegel, Murray STN 45 (1997)
The United Kingdom Centre for Statistical Education Holmes, Peter STN 29 (1992)
Third Annual Statistical Prize Competition 1989 Results No Author STN 23 (1990)
TORCH Institutes Gnall, Janet STN 33 (1993)
U.K. Annual Applied Statistics Prize 1988-89 Hawkins, Anne STN 23 (1990)
United Kingdom Annual Statistics Competition Hawkins, Anne STN 12 (1986)
Update on GAISE (Guidelines for Assessment and Instruction in Statistical Education) ASA/NCTM Joint Committee STN 71 (2007)
Used Numbers Campbell, Marguerite STN 27 (1991)
Using Birthday Data to Integrate Statistics into the K-12 Mathematics Curriculum Hayden, Bob (and Roberts, Bill) STN 38 (1995)
Using Games and Game Shows to Teach Probability Paul, Sara STN 74 (2009)
Using Spreadsheets to Advantage in Introductory Probability Russell, John STN 25 (1990)
Using Technology to Reinforce Data Display and Analysis Jackson, Vicky (and Smith, J.D) STN 56 (2001)
VLP Launches High School Experiment Kettenring, Jon STN 9 (1985)
We All Have to Eat, Don't We? Lazerick, Beth STN 69 (2006)
What I Learned Grading AP statistics Exams Beth Lazerick STN 71 (2007)
What We Need to Consider...Data Analysis and Probability Standard for Grades Pre-K-12 NCTM STN 63 (2004)
Wings to the Future in Wichita Butler, Margaret STN 25 (1990)
Winners Of the 13th Annual American Statistics Poster Competition, 2002 No Author STN 62 (2003)
Winners of the First Annual Statistical Prize Competition No Author STN 16 (1987)
Woodrow Wilson Institutes Gnall, Janet STN 20 (1988)
Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation Summer Institutes in Statistics for Teachers in Mathematics No Author STN 15 (1987)
Woodrow Wilson Summer Instititutes Gnall, Janet STN 24 (1990)
Woodrow Wilson Summer Institutes in Statistics and Probability Sloane, Bill STN 35 (1994)
Woodrow Wilson Summer Institutes in Statistics for High School Teachers Burrill, Gail STN 10 (1985)
World Vision Blakley, Steve (and Ritchey, Debra) STN 59 (2002)
You Can Count on Statistics to Implement The Standards Stanulonis, Joanne STN 36 (1994)

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