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Useful Web Sites for Teachers

With so many web sites available, it is hard for teachers of statistics to select those that are most useful. The following is a compilation of information by Daren Starnes, a member of the ASA/NCTM Joint Committee on the Curriculum in Statistics and Probability, as well as information prepared by Robin Lock of St. Lawrence University. You may wish to visit these sites and see which are appropriate for your teaching level.

General Sites

Exploring Data is an excellent collection of links and resources for teaching an introductory-level high-school, college, or AP course. This web site contains activities, worksheets, assessments, and data sets in both HTML and MS Word 2.0 format. There are also articles helpful to the teacher who has had little formal training in statistics. The web site is devoted mainly to data exploration, but also has curriculum support materials for other aspects of introductory statistics, such as elementary probability, the normal distribution, and inference.

The Chance Project has resources that emphasize using current news media as motivation for studying issues in probability and statistics. A highlight of the web site is the monthly Chance News (which now functions as a wiki), abstracting recent articles from newspapers and magazines with suggestions for pedagogical uses.

CAUSEweb, the Consortium for the Advancement of Undergraduate Statistics Education, has helpful resources for teaching an introductory statistics course, including class examples, labs, homework assignments, data sets, cartoons, songs, jokes, and quotes. This site also houses information about the biennial U.S. Conference on Teaching Statistics, hosted by The Ohio State University.

International Statistical Literacy Project provides resources for elementary and middle-school teachers to expand their knowledge of probability and statistics and for use in the classroom.

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) Illuminations is a repository of lesson plans, online activities, and connections to the NCTM Standards.

Journal of Statistics Education Information Service contains links to several statistical education organizations, newsletters, discussion groups and the Journal of Statistics Education, as well as the JSE Dataset Archives.

ARTIST (Assessment Resource Tools for Improving Statistical Thinking) has field tested assessment inventory scales on specific topics in probability and statistics, as well as a searchable item database that allows teachers to build their own assessments.

Statistics Teacher Network is a newsletter published three times a year by the ASA/NCTM Joint Committee on Curriculum in Statistics and Probability for grades K-12.

Data Sources and Archives
DASL (Dataset and Story Library) is a collection of data sets and related documentation (stories) that may be searched by data subject or statistical technique. A great place to visit for class examples, this site is one of the web's premier resources for data intended for use in statistics instruction.

Chance Project Data Sets

U.S. Census Bureau

FedStats is billed as the "one-stop shopping source" for government data, with links to more than 70 federal agencies. Be sure to try the A to Z link.

Dr. B's Wide World of Web Data

WWW Virtual Library

UCLA Statistics Data Sets and Case Studies

Rice Virtual Lab in Statistics houses an online statistics textbook, as well as java simulations and interesting case studies.

Other Sites

Many teachers of statistics have prepared their own pages for the benefit of their colleagues and the advancement of statistics education. Here are some you should know about.

Robin Lock's Page at Saint Lawrence University

Herkimer's Hideaway by Sanderson Smith

The North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics Statistics Summer Institutes


Careers in Statistics

Visit the ASA's Career Center for information about career opportunities for statisticians.