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What will these Educational Ambassadors do?

Educational ambassadors will be subsidized to attend two Joint Statistical Meetings. At the first JSM, the educational ambassador will attend a Continuing Education (CE) course in an emerging area of research (unknown in their own country) and receive ASA full membership for one year.

The educational ambassador will then return to his or her home country and, within the next year, teach a class of no fewer than 10 students at the master's-degree level the subject matter of the CE course taken. The presentation of this course will be financially subsidized by the ASA.

While attending the second JSM, the educational ambassador will take additional CE courses on the same topics and give an invited presentation to the Committee on International Relations in Statistics about his or her experiences as an educational ambassador.

During the following academic year, the educational ambassador will repeat the class he or she taught in neighboring countries in person or through webinars. These presentations will be partially subsidized by the ASA.