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Members and friends of the ASA may contribute to the statistics profession by financially supporting our mission and goals. In a broad sense, the purposes of the ASA's fundraising efforts are to create an awareness within statistics community of the financial needs of special programs which are not currently met by other means and to seek such support.

From outright gifts to tax-wise planned giving strategies, individuals and corporations can contribute in a meaningful way to the enhancement of the statistics profession by helping to promote statistical practice, applications, and research; to improve statistical education; and to advance the statistics profession.

Your support will go directly towards the ASA Mission to:

  • Support excellence in statistical practice, research, journals, and meetings
  • Work for the improvement of statistical education at all levels
  • Promote the proper application of statistics
  • Anticipate and meet the needs of our members
  • Use our discipline to enhance human welfare
  • Seek opportunities to advance the statistics profession

The ASA is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation. Contributions to the ASA are tax deductible.