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Badge Lanyards

Your company’s logo will be prominently displayed on this lanyard used by attendees to hold their name badges and tickets.

Exclusive Sponsorship: $10,000.00 Sponsored by: Minitab, Inc.

JSM Conference Bag

Take advantage of one of the most prominent sponsorship options available for JSM. Your company's logo will be on the conference bag given to every registrant. Highly visible and seen by thousands throughout the conference.

Co-Sponsorship: $16,000.00 Sponsored by: SAS
Co-Sponsorship: $16,000.00 Sponsored by: IBM

(Co-Sponsor Limit: 2, Left: 0)

Mobile APP & Program

Sponsor the JSM APP & Mobile Program. The 2014 mobile program had over 250,000 page views. The mobile app was downloaded over 1600 times and users saved over 40,000 "my program" sessions. Your sponsorship of these items will include your branding and a link to your website or survey.

Exclusive Sponsorship: $10,000.00 Sponsored by: Revolution Analytics

Cyber Center

With your contribution, our over 6,000 attendees will be able to access the Internet at our onsite cyber center. Sponsors will be recognized with onsite signage and on the screen of every computer in the cyber center. Exclusive sponsorship also will include mouse pads at every station with your corporate logo.

Exclusive Sponsorship: $10,000.00 Sponsored by: IBM

(Co-Sponsor Limit: 3, Left: 2)

Opening Mixer

Sponsor the JSM Opening Mixer! Make an early impression on attendees who come together for the kick-off social event of JSM. Sponsors’ corporate logos will be placed on cups or cocktail napkins used by every attendee at this event.

Exclusive Sponsorship: $10,000.00

(Co-Sponsor Limit: 2, Left: 2)

ASA Professional Development Program

The ASA's Professional Development Program includes CE short courses, Computer Technology Workshops and Personal Skills Development offerings at JSM. ASA offers approximately 30 courses over four days, attracting more than 1,000 statisticians. Choose to sponsor the entire duration or a single day of sessions. Sponsors are acknowledged with signage at JSM and ad space in the course binder distributed to participants.

Exclusive Sponsorship: $10,000.00
Saturday: $2,500.00
Sunday: $2,500.00
Monday: $2,500.00
Tuesday: $2,500.00

(Co-Sponsor Limit: 4, Left: 4)

Attendee Coffee Break

Provide thirsty attendees with a fresh cup of coffee. Sponsors’ corporate logos will be placed on coffee cups.

Exclusive Sponsorship: $15,000.00
Monday: $7,500.00
Tuesday: $7,500.00

(Co-Sponsor Limit: 2, Left: 2)

JSM Dance Party

Sponsor this high-profile and well-attended after party for the JSM Presidential Address! Held each year on Tuesday night, more than 700 conference attendees come to this JSM party. There are snacks, a cash bar, and dancing.

Exclusive Sponsorship: $10,000.00 Sponsored by: IBM

(Co-Sponsor Limit: 2, Left: 1)

Conference Pen

Have a pen with your logo on it in every attendee bag. Distributed to more than 6,000 participants onsite at JSM.

Exclusive Sponsorship: $5,000.00 Sponsored by: Berry Consultants


Attendees will want to explore many of our host city's attractions and restaurants during JSM. Place your company’s logo on the official JSM map.

Co-Sponsorship: $3,000.00 Sponsored by: ABBVIE
Co-Sponsorship: $3,000.00 Sponsored by: Takeda Pharmaceutical

(Co-Sponsor Limit: 2, Left: 0)

Student Mixer

This is an opportunity for your company to show support to statistics scholars. The Student Mixer provides an opportunity for students to join their contemporaries for a fun-filled time. Typically attended by more than 500 students.

Exclusive Sponsorship: $7,500.00 Sponsored by: Pfizer

(Co-Sponsor Limit: 2, Left: 1)

ASA Longtime Member Reception

Sponsor the annual reception to honor ASA members who have shown dedication to the association for 35 years or more. We expect more than 250 of our most faithful and distinguished members to attend this reception. Show your company’s support of the ASA, and these members in particular, by placing your name and logo on signage to be seen by reception attendees.

Co-Sponsorship: $2,500.00 Sponsored by: RTI International
Co-Sponsorship: $2,500.00

(Co-Sponsor Limit: 2, Left: 1)

EXPO Popcorn Break

Provide a fresh hot bag of popcorn to hungry attendees as they browse the exhibit hall floor.

Monday: $3,000.00 Sponsored by: RTI International
Tuesday: $3,000.00 Sponsored by: Liberty Mutual
Wednesday: $3,000.00

ASA Awards Celebration and Editor Appreciation

The ASA will host an awards and editor appreciation celebration on Sunday evening, prior to the JSM Opening Mixer.

Exclusive Sponsorship: $5,000.00 Sponsored by: IBM

Conference Bag Inserts

Take advantage of this highly visible marketing option. Provide us with 6,000 flyers or brochures and we will include them as inserts in the conference bag for each registrant.

Co-Sponsorship: $2,000.00 Sponsored by: Salford Systems
Co-Sponsorship: $2,000.00 Sponsored by: Institute of Mathematical Statistics
Co-Sponsorship: $2,000.00 Sponsored by: Minitab, Inc.
Co-Sponsorship: $2,000.00 Sponsored by: Wiley
Co-Sponsorship: $2,000.00 Sponsored by: Travelers
Co-Sponsorship: $2,000.00 Sponsored by: Capital One
Co-Sponsorship: $2,000.00
Co-Sponsorship: $2,000.00
Co-Sponsorship: $2,000.00

(Co-Sponsor Limit: 10, Left: 4)

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