Tips for Recruiting New Members

Recruiting new members should be easy and fun! In fact, we know many nonmember statisticians have not joined the ASA yet simply because they either haven't been asked or don't know about all the ASA has to offer. You'll see that sometimes just asking a nonmember to join is all it takes.

Here are some recruitment tips from the ASA:

  1. Be familiar with the benefits of membership in the ASA. It's your association; think of the reason you are a member!

  2. Recommend the ASA to your colleagues in a positive manner. Show your enthusiasm and give first-hand accounts of how your ASA membership has been a great investment in your career.

  3. Provide new recruits with the ASA's website&emdash; &emdash; so they can join online right away.

  4. Personally deliver New Member application forms to your recruits.

  5. Identify the best candidates for ASA membership. The key to successful recruitment is asking the right people to join. Your coworkers, young professionals, new employees in your organization, students, and interns are all great prospects and will appreciate that you have gone out of your way to help them with their careers.

  6. Follow up with prospective members to see if they've mailed their applications or joined online. Remind your recruits that the ASA sponsors annual conferences and workshops, publishes many publications, and provides a number of career-building resources.

  7. Send an email or handwritten note thanking your recruits for considering ASA membership and expressing appreciation for their support of the ASA.