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Richard A. Johnson Wins 2009 Don Owen Award

Richard A. Johnson Wins 2009 Don Owen Award
Richard A. Johnson (left) and Ram
Tripathi (right)
The Don Owen Award for 2009 was presented to Richard A. Johnson, Ph.D., on March 27, 2009 at the Conference of Texas Statisticians by Ram Tripathi, Ph.D. This conference was held at the Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, Texas and was organized by Melinda Holt, Ph. D. of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. Professor Johnson was nominated by Professor Jun Shao of the Department of Statistics, University of Wisconsin, Madison. The award was presented on behalf of the San Antonio Chapter of the American Statistical Association. Following the presentation, Dr. Johnson presented a talk highlighting many issues related with starting and running a journal. He also shared his experiences from numerous trips he took around the world and narrated many interesting stories. He also shared many photographs related to his international trips.

Professor Johnson is Professor Emeritus in the Department of Statistics at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. He joined this department in 1966 after receiving his Ph. D. from the University of Minnesota. He retired in 2008 after 32 years of service. He was the Chairman of the department during 1981-1984. He visited the Institute of mathematics, University of Oslo during 1972. He presented many talks at international conferences. Professor Johnson is an outstanding example of the precedent set by Don Owen in service to the profession, teaching, and research.

He is a fellow of both, the ASA and the IMS. He is a member of the Royal Statistical Society and the International Statistical Institute. Professor Johnson is the founder of the internationally known journal, Statistics and Probability Letters, and was its Editor-In-Chief since its inception in 1982 until 2007. He was the Associate Editor of the Journal of the American Statistical Association during 1976-1981, 1986-1989, and 1993-1995. He served the IMS and the ASA in various other capacities. For the IMS, he was a member of the Council and the Executive Committee; he also served as the Program Secretary and Associate Program Secretary. For the ASA, he was a Council member and the Regional Meeting Program Coordinator. He received the 2008 Carver Award for his service to the IMS.

Professor Johnson has published over 120 articles in various outlets which include the Annals of Mathematical Statistics, the Journal of the American Statistical Association, Biometrika, Technometrics, Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Journal of Mutlivariate Analysis, Statistics and Probability Letters and Communications in Statistics, to name a few. He received the Frank Wilcoxon Award as a co-author for best applications paper in Technometrics in 1991. Professor Johnson supervised 25 Ph. D. dissertations at the University of Wisconsin.

Professor Johnson has coauthored 6 text books and is a co- editor of a research monograph with John Crowley. His book on Applied Multivariate Analysis with Dean Wichern is a classic on the subject and is being used all over the world. Many of his other books have been quite successful and some of those are currently being revised. Professor Johnson has consulted with many government and private industries such as Lawrence Livermore. At a conference in his honor in May 2008, he received an award from the United States Forest Products Laboratory for his 30 years of collaborative research.

Professor Johnson has served as an ambassador of statistics and has worked tirelessly in promoting this discipline all over the world. He truly symbolizes all the qualities of Don Owen which this award embodies. The Don Owen Award is presented annually by the San Antonio Chapter of the American Statistical Association, and Taylor and Francis, a leading international academic publisher.