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ASA Accepting Applications for 2013 Excellence in Statistical Reporting Award

The American Statistical Association is seeking nominations for its annual Excellence in Statistical Reporting Award (ESRA). The nomination deadline is April 1, 2013. The recipient will be announced in July, and the award will be presented at the 2013 Joint Statistical Meetings, which will be held in Montréal, Québec, Canada, from August 3-8.

ESRA was created in 2004 to encourage and recognize members of the media who display an informed interest in the science of statistics and its role in public life. The honor can be awarded for a single statistical article or for a body of work. In selecting the honoree, consideration is given to the following:

  • Correctness, clarity, fairness, brevity, and professionalism of the communication
  • Importance, relevance, and overall effectiveness in affecting the intended audience
  • Impact on the growth and national or regional exposure of statistics
  • Appreciation and emphasis of the statistical aspects of a particular issue or event
  • Excellent coverage of research on statistics or statistical issues

Nominations are accepted from editors, fellow reporters, ASA members, statisticians, and scientists. In addition, a reporter can nominate himself or herself for the award. A nomination form, nominating letter, and supporting documents are required for each submission.

All nomination packets should be mailed to Pamela Craven at American Statistical Association, 732 North Washington St., Alexandria, VA 22314, or emailed to For additional information, please contact Morteza Marzjarani at