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JSM 2014 Highlighted and Late-Breaking Sessions & Introductory Overview Lectures

Highlighted Sessions:

A list of JSM 2014 highlighted sessions will be added in July.

Late-Breaking Sessions:

These sessions enable the inclusion in the program of important, emerging topics such as new technical, scientific or policy-related developments that have arisen after the JSM program was set. The late-breaking sessions for JSM 2014 are:

August 4—Statistical Science and the President's BRAIN Initiative

August 6—Recent Concerns About Reproducibility and Replicability: The Statistical Aspects

Introductory Overview Lectures:

These lectures provide relatively brief, high-quality introductions to important and timely statistical topics that are covered in a more specialized form in JSM technical sessions. Topics are selected because of their potential to enrich the future directions of statistical theory and practice through broader dissemination. The introductory overview lectures for JSM 2014 are:

August 3—The Industrial Internet and Cyber-Physical Systems, an Opportunity for Statisticians in the Era of Big Data and Data Science

August 5—Modern Perspectives on Estimation for Surveys

August 6—Privacy and Big Data

August 7—Astrostatistics